Sicon Semiconductor

“Sintegra’s team worked with Sicon engineers to create the entire RTL to GDSII implementation flow and deployed it to deliver 3 successful tape-outs over a period of 1 year. The silicon came back working, which enabled us to demonstrate our products at the CES 2009”   –Manager, Sicon Semiconductor AB, Sweden.


Sintegra Inc., added significant value to our team by successfully implementing our 50x low-power methodology for CDMA subchip in 90nm and 65nm technologies.
– Design Manager, Texas Instruments

Conexant & Mndspeed

Sintegra worked with Conexant and Mindspeed for almost 3 years and due to their excellent track record, we retained Sintegra as our “External Design Center”. Sintegra contributed to creation and enhancement of our COT methodology based on Cadence tools and deployed it for several designs working closely with our team to deliver successful tape-outs.”
– Director, SOC Design, Mindspeed Technologies.


“Sintegra Inc., flawlessly executed the top-level physical design and integration working with Toshiba Design Center to tape-out a complex 7M gate design in 10 weeks from final netlist. We are extremely pleased to mention that the silicon came back and is working. Due to the excellent track record, we have retained Sintegra Inc., to tape-out another large design.”
– Director, Toshiba Design Center